We would like to inntroduce you to the new 2021 Palmcroft Chaplain Class, "Foundations of Biblical Chaplaincy" graduates.

When Dave, Betty and I had our AzCFM Board meeting we had to make a decision if we were going to do our annual 2020 chaplain school.  With the insanity of the reported pandemic we were already forced to cancel our Spring 2 day class on Grief with Mickey Stonier.  But we felt strongly led by the Holy Spirit to offer it and see if the Lord would fill the room.  We set a minimum of 10 students and Dave approached Pastor Robb at Palmcroft.  Robb had graciously offered us Palmcroft Church to hold the 2019 Chaplain Class.  When the dust settled 31 folks signed up and graduated.  We were richly blessed that these were all solid mature Christians.  So when Dave spoke with Pastor Robb and he welcomed us with open arms.

2020 brought in the 10 students we needed and five more for a total of 15 folks.  Praise God!  Ten weeks passed very fast and all 15 completed the training.  And again the Lord brought us mature Christians wanting to serve in the Chaplain Ministry of Presence. 

This is the 2019 crew of new Chaplains.  See anyone you know?

2020 Chaplain Class

2021 Chaplain Class