As a new, or long time Christian, have you ever asked yourself this question?  

"Is this all there is?"

Or said, "I thought there would be more," after being baptised.

The good news is there is more.  Lots and lots more.  So I would love to introduce you to Victorious Christian Living International, (VCLI).

VCLI dug into the Word of God, that's right the Bible, and have put together 7 workbooks containing 28 lesson on areas of life like Spiritual, Psycological, Social, Physical, Financial,

Marital and Parental.  These lesson will rock your world in the area of Biblical Growth.  You will have plenty of "ah ha" moments as you grow in His Word and realize He has a plan for you.  I know, we all think we have life figured out but you would be wrong.  Until we let the Holy Spirit do the driving we will continue to struggle, stumble annd fail  Many churches use these lessons teaching folks in group study.  VCLI also uses these lessons for "Biblical Counseling" for men, women and couples.

The short story is we "ALL" need to see what God's Word says and stop trying to be the "god of our own lives" and continually pushing God off His thrown.  When you finally decide that "I am not God" your life will be changed forever.  or should I say eternity.

Watch the short video below for a little taste of what life training has to offer.