AzCFM totally supports and encourage CFMI membership.  We are a chartered chapter under the corporation's bylaws and a 501c3 under the "group" IRS classification.

What we love about CFMI, Inc. and founding brother Chaplain Don Gibson is his understanding that certification levels are not obtained just by taking a few classes.  Don believes that "LIFE EXPERIENCES" are incredibily important in determining what level a new member enters the organization.

You can review the levels on the CFMI list to the right.  This is taken directly off their web site. (click on it and it will take you to this page allowing application downloads)

Your education, training, skills, ministry experience & other qualifications are very important but they are reviewed along with your Life Experience.  After a review of all these elements we do one more thing.  We look at your "Heart" and your love of God.  Yes, we are proud of our Father and His Son Yeshua, Jesus Christ our Lord a Savior.  Based on all of these things we make our determination as to what level you enter membership.

Most applicants will enter at one of two "basic" levels, one being ordained and licensed and the lower is not ordained.

For our Arizona chaplain applicants you can apply for membership in CFMI using AzCFM to review your qualifications and write an endorsement letter for your level of chaplaincy.  It is our pleasure to serve God and those who serve others.  We will help you in any way possible to gain chaplain certification.

We are also proud of our Aaron & Hur Chaplain Ministry Institute.  We have recently completed our forth 15 week chaplain training program called "Foundations of Biblical Chaplaincy".  Please visit the the Aaron & Hur page by clicking here